5 Reasons You Need a Personal Support Worker

There may come a time in your life when you, or someone you know is not able to adequately care for themselves. It may be a time when you are recovering from an injury, required surgery, or looking out for the needs of your loved ones.

These are the times when you will want to reach out to see what healthcare services are available to you.

Your Senior Years

You have always been strong and independent and strived to live well in your own home as long as you are able. But as you reach your senior years you are becoming more forgetful, your strength is declining, and you’re not able to care for yourself or your home as you’d like. Plus, you don’t want to be dependent on your family and friends.

Aging Parents

The demands of insuring the health and happiness of aging parents can become very stressful and overwhelming. You realize one day that your role has changed from son or daughter, to caretaker, nurse, handyman and perhaps financial officer. Not only is their daily physical care a concern, there are meals, medication and emotional needs to worry about.

Caring for your aging parents can become challenging, especially when you have a family and a job of your own to consider.

Personal Injury

An accident or medical condition may leave you or a loved one disabled and in need of care. It may be temporary or even permanent. The simplest daily routines can become difficult or impossible to perform.

Health Conditions

Health problems in the elderly can build and go from manageable to more challenging from one day to the next. The progression of dementia, heart conditions and strokes, diabetes, arthritis and cancer require specialized care and attention.

Children with Needs

Some children are born with severe developmental issues and require extensive and sometimes complex care. Parents can become quickly stressed and drained of energy and resources to care for them in their homes.

If you find yourself in any of these situations you will be looking for a personal support worker.

What is a Personal Support Worker? http://www.onip.ca/personal-support-worker/

A personal support worker (PSW) can help with all of these care situations by providing the essentials of daily life. From bathing, dressing, toileting, to administering medications, and more complex medical tasks. They play a valuable role in our healthcare system, providing care to the ones who need it most.

Personal support workers work in nursing homes, in the community, home-care agencies, privately for families and in acute-care hospitals. They are often in the frontline caring for those most at risk in our society.

A personal support worker can:

  • Assist with all aspects of daily living such as dressing, bathing, toileting, mobility
  • Run errands and transportation to outings and appointments
  • Assist with homemaking such as meal preparation, and housecleaning
  • Provide emotional support and companionship
  • Provide specialized care from accidents, palliative, etc.

Instagram Launches Walkie-Talkie Voice Messaging In Direct

Communicating something specific on Instagram will be as simple as pushing a button. The social media platform just propelled another voice chat feature on the application that gives users a chance to record a message and send it to a companion. Instagram clients can send voice chats forward and backward in their direct messages.

Presently, in the Instagram application, users can explore to a private chat with a companion and hold down the receiver button in the message box. Like Apple’s iMessage, the recorded message will show up as a sound wave shape that beneficiaries can tune in to. IG users can record messages that are dependent upon one-minute long.

They likewise have no lapse date, so recipients can play it as many times as they want to. After IG users quit holding down on the microphone button, the recording message will send promptly. Notwithstanding, users can either hit the trash can button to erase it, or utilize Instagram’s Unsend feature to remove a message after it’s been sent to another user.

Instagram’s voice messaging feature is accessible all around for Android and iOS clients beginning today. The component takes a page from WhatsApp, Voxer and even Instagram’s parent organization, Facebook, which started giving clients a chance to send voice visits on Messenger quite a while back. It touches base as an ever-increasing number of individuals are depending on Instagram as their fundamental internet-based life and informing application.

Numerous users who are fanatics of WeChat and WhatsApp use voice messages as their fundamental type of correspondence, so conveying the component to Instagram ought to be an appreciated expansion for those clients. In addition, it’ll be especially useful for users whose dialects aren’t entirely perfect with cell phone keyboards.

Pleasures and Pitfalls of Building Your Own Home

Dreaming of building your own home?

You have found the perfect spot for a home with the perfect view. It’s situated in an area that your family would visit when you were a kid. It tugs at your heart.

Most people think building your own home is exciting—and it is. But along with the excitement comes many unexpected surprises, some good and some not as good.


One variable when embarking on the journey to building your own home is the cost. When a builder provides you with a quote, it usually includes all the material costs, the equipment and the trades. What isn’t included is what is called the “soft costs”.

Soft costs can include:

  • Application fees
  • Taxes
  • Municipal permits
  • Soil tests
  • Appraisals
  • Inspections
  • Architect’s fees

And then there is the cost of the land—will you own it or lease it? Does it have all the required services, like hydro or gas, water and sewer? What about the site itself? Is it rocky? Does it have road access?

The more prepared you are and the more research you do, the less pitfalls you will meet along the way. You will want to sit down and take a realistic look at what you can afford and how you plan to finance your new home build.



The approximate time it takes to build your own home on-site in Canada is 4-6 months. However, a modular or manufactured home can be built in as little as 1-2 months, since most of the construction can be done in a factory setting and is not dependent on weather or construction labour availability. A custom-designed home can take over a year to complete.

The time it takes to complete construction on a site-built home is dependent on the environment and the land itself. A home set on a foundation on a flat building site will differ from one set on a rocky lakeside location.

Unplanned Changes

A key factor that causes great variance in both costs and time is the changes that are made once construction has begun. What looks good on paper does not always translate in reality! Many will make necessary changes as they go along. Availability of materials and labour can delay the entire building process.

Finding a Canadian home builder that you trust is an important step in your new home construction process. You will want to choose a reputable builder that can answer all your questions and alleviate any overwhelm you may feel.  Knowing what to expect can help make the building process less stressful and the builder you choose should put you at ease. Then your dream home can become a reality!

Facebook Messenger’s New Skin-Smoothing Selfie Mode

The most known social media platform is revealing a Messenger update for a dominant part of its clients around the globe that incorporates a huge number of new highlights for the camera inside the independent informing application. Among those augmentations are new stickers, channels, a Boomerang video circling impact, and the previously mentioned selfie mode.

As per the company, revealing these additions presently is mostly intended to gain by the way that the holiday is when Messenger gets utilized more than at some other time. In particular, Facebook says Christmas and New Years’ are the application’s greatest days regarding generally speaking messages sent. In accords to the company post that within excess of 20 million individuals utilizing camera consequences for Messenger consistently, we’re eager to dispatch considerably more approaches to make your regular messages fun, incorporating two new modes in Dispatcher’s camera — Boomerang and Selfie, alongside new AR stickers and occasion impacts.

As a feature of this update to Messenger, you’ll presently observe a rundown of every one of the five camera modes inside the application. They incorporate the ordinary mode, in addition to video, content, boomerang, and selfie.

To the extent the selfie mode, Facebook says that now when you snap a photo or video of yourself, you’ll stay in the center with some additional shine while the foundation obscures. Boomerang, obviously, is the circling impact that is as of now a staple of Facebook-possessed Instagram. Some new occasion themed stickers, covers and channels are additionally being added to Detachment as a feature of this refresh, as are expanded reality stickers.

From the Facebook blog entry: With more than 440 million stickers sent in Envoy talks each day, we need to ensure individuals keep on having a lot of approaches to communicate. You will discover new stickers, fueled by AR, which can be hauled with a touch on the screen and be set over your true recordings or photographs. On the off chance that you take photographs or recordings with your gadget’s camera, you can likewise transfer the picture to another person and apply camera channels and impacts to your discussions and stories.

Study Identifies 3 Key Factors in Keeping Dental Handpieces Free of Contamination

Without proper care and maintenance, the line used to deliver output water to a dental handpiece is susceptible to bacteria contamination. Because water line contamination creates the risk of bacterial exposure to patients, dental practitioners must take measures to keep these output lines as clean as possible.

A review published in the International Dental Journal in 2018 identifies three key factors that influence the risk of bacterial contamination of handpiece water lines. Accounting for data collected for six years between 2012 and 2017, this study provides guidance as to the proper care and repairing for dental handpiece parts.

These factors are:

  1. Frequency of disinfection of dental handpiece water lines;
  2. Water supply source; and
  3. Proper functioning of the handpiece’s anti-retraction valve (also known as check valves).

To arrive at these conclusions, researchers collected data from 318 dental chair units from 64 hospitals located in Tianjin, China. The researchers collected bacteria samples from the handpiece output water lines and measured the concentration of bacteria in colony forming units per millilitre of water.

First, the study found that daily or weekly disinfection of the water lines significantly impacted the concentration of foreign bacteria in the lines. Most of these units (78.93%) did not have a process in place for regular water line disinfection.

Second, the researchers identified differences in bacteria concentration based on the origin of the water output to the handpiece. When the water supply source is hospital purified (either hospital self-purified water or purchased purified water), the bacteria concentration is lower. This finding suggests that bacteria that comes in with the water is a contributor to the contamination.

Third, contamination is reduced if the if the handpiece’s anti-retraction valve is properly functioning. The anti-retraction valve is designed to prevent contaminated fluids from being drawn into the handpiece. Previous studies have demonstrated that dental water units with automatic sterilization cycles are more effective in preventing contamination than mechanical flushing of water lines.

This final finding emphasizes the importance that dental practitioners pay mind to this component while repairing for dental handpiece parts. Check valves must be cleaned routinely and repaired or replaced periodically as they accumulate build-up of bacteria on the surface of the valve, which can lead to valve failure.

R-tech Dental recommends checking anti-retraction valves at least every six months to ensure they are properly functioning. If not, they must be repaired or replaced.

5 Tips For Having A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Accomplishing work-life balance can be extremely intense. An ever-increasing number of individuals are announcing that dealing with their own and expert lives has turned out to be more troublesome. Yet, working longer and harder doesn’t mean accomplishing more, particularly if you have no opportunity to come through with the people who are important to you.

The nature of your identity, the connections you have, the time you spend at work, settling on what makes a difference most is totally up to you. Here are some tips to have a balance in your work and life.

  1. Set clear goals

Defining particular and quantifiable objectives gives you the most obvious opportunity to change how you function and live. They enable you to advance and assemble momentum each and every day.

  1. Spend more time with family

A happy family will have a huge effect on your work. You will feel happy and motivated each day. Work your time to spend more with your loved ones because they are the reason why you are working so hard.

  1. Stick to your working hours

Set working hours for yourself and make every effort to stick to them. Before you know it, you’ll be working until midnight consistently if you do not practice the work hours you just need.

  1. Manage to save

Having secure finances or savings gives you a chance not to overwork. You still have time to relax and make time for people that matter most. It’s not about leaving your work but the feeling of confidence over your finances.

  1. Plan a holiday

Make use of your holiday benefits. Don’t be guilty to ask for a holiday. Always remember that you work for it and you deserve the break. You need it to unwind and have a relaxing day without work to think about. It is also beneficial to your productivity and health status.

Making a harmony between how you think, how you work, and how you invest your energy is basic to your long haul well-being and mental prosperity. The desire to make that change just originates from inside. Ideally, these tips will set you on the correct way!

Are Stroller Bikes Easy to Use?

Stroller bikes, also called cycle strollers, are a relatively new product on the bicycle market. Designed for parents who frequently commute by bike, they’re designed to replace the traditional child bike trailer that attaches to the rear of a bicycle.

The main selling point of cycle strollers is the ability to convert from a Dutch-style two-wheeled bike to a three-wheeled stroller. This feature eliminates the task of locking the bike up outside when stopping at a store and makes it easier to travel by bike and by transit in the same trip.

Speaking as a cyclist commuter, this all sounds fantastic — especially the ability to convert my bike into stroller-mode and bring it inside with me. Bicycle theft is a huge problem in my area, and I would much rather bring my bike with me than chance locking it to a rusty old rack.

But it does raise one important question: are stroller bikes easy to use?

That’s sure to be top of mind of anyone thinking of investing in a stroller bike (and at $3,000, it is an investment). Running errands with little kids is a chore on a good day; any sort of gadget or device that makes the task even more complicated is worse than useless.

Are Stroller Bikes Easy to Use?

Below, I’ve given a breakdown of the usability of Wike’s Salamander stroller bike as both a bicycle and a stroller.

Using it as a Bicycle

While the Salamander looks a bit unwieldly, its design is well-optimized for urban cycling. Placing the child carriage at the front of the bike instead of the back provides good weight distribution, and since two-wheeled bicycles have better stability than three-wheelers, it handles well on curves and hills.

It is heavier than a commuter bike, which is a downside for cyclists who are accustomed to speed.

Converting from Bike-to-Stroller

This is the step in the process that had me skeptical. I have enough trouble folding up lawn chairs, let alone folding a bicycle into a stroller. But I was shocked to find how easily the rear of the bike glides over once you press the release pedal — it takes a few tries to get used to, but after that, the conversion happens in seconds.

What makes it even easier is the fact that you don’t have to take the kids out of the carriage to make the switch. So, if your kid is cranky or fast asleep, they can continue to rest undisturbed while you convert the bike into a stroller and head indoors.

Using it as a Stroller

As a stroller, the Salamander is inarguably larger and heavier than a typical stroller. Despite these drawbacks, it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver. And it does fit through doorways, which was another concern I had initially.


Using the Salamander takes practice, but the overall ease-of-use is impressive considering how new stroller bikes are in the market. It’s fair to call this an easy to use stroller bike.

Have You Ever Struggled With Depression?

One of the worst things about chronic depression is the knowledge that few people understand what you are going through. How many times have you had someone tell you to just “get up and keep going.” If you have been in the throes of depression, you know all too well just how difficult it is to simply function on a day-to-day basis. Keeping going is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest with no gear or preparation.

A strange paradox with depression is that you both hate human contact and long for it. The people you can connect with the best are others going through the same hell you are, but you would rather hang out with “normal” people because maybe their “normalness” will rub off on you. The trouble is, when you are feeling down, you can’t help but compare yourself to others. It’s a losing game in which you will always come up short. I have had many a day when I was feeling a bit better quickly go south because of someone unintentionally reminding me of all the areas in life where I am currently falling short.

Choosing a therapist can be daunting. I have found that it is best to go for three appointments. By that point, you will know how comfortable and open you are with the person; those are two key areas in a successful therapeutic relationship. Never, and I mean never, continue seeing a therapist when the two of you do not have a rapport or the therapist’s views are not in line with your own. There is nothing wrong with a therapist challenging you, but there has to be some common ground. For example, if you are bisexual, seeing a therapist who does not believe bisexuality exists will certainly not help you.

Fortunately, there are some very good, open-minded therapists out there who can help to get you back on track. Most recently, a friend had a very good therapeutic experience with this service, and regularly sees a therapist there. Good luck!

Plastic Bags May Be Convenient, but They are Also a Serious Menace

You may have read last month that Victoria announced a ban on plastic bags starting this July. While undoubtedly convenient, these single-use bags create a tremendous amount of waste. Think about how many you use in an average week and where they end up; now multiply that number by millions of other people. Not only are landfills running out of space, but much of this plastic debris is ending up in the ocean.

The North Atlantic Garbage Patch is an island of plastic trash of increasingly immense proportions. Plastic is, of course, non-biodegradable, which means it will be around for potentially hundreds of years. Not only does this garbage (2/3rds of which is actually below the surface) impede sea life, it can even cause significant misery and death for them, should they consume any of the plastic.

The human race needs to make a significant course correction in regard to our reliance on plastic in so many things. We produce about 100 billion tons of it per year and 10 billion of that ends up in the ocean. While massive trawlers could snare the garbage, much sea life would also get caught up and perish as a result. That also still leaves the question of where to then put all of this waste. It’s a difficult situation with no easy answers.

Plastic can be recycled, and many countries do this, but it is not enough alone to stem the tide. Some companies, fortunately, are doing their part. UK chain Iceland recently announced that is plans to eliminate all plastic packaging by the end of 2023. That country’s government has vowed to stop plastic waste entirely within the next 25 years.

These are positive steps, but the public needs to be better educated and more vocal on this topic in order for change to happen on the mass scale required.

How to Project an Air of Confidence

We all admire people who ooze self-confidence. The ability to walk into virtually any situation and handle it like an expert seems like a talent that only a select few possess. However, would you be surprised to know that many of these people are not really as skilled as you think? They simply possess the ability to project an air of confidence that makes it seem like they really are one of the masters.

You may not be able to ease in and out of every circumstance like a pro, but these suggestions can definitely help you feel more confident about the image your project. Most importantly, they can also make you feel better about your value as a person, and that naturally leads to self-confidence.

Be Yourself

We often tie ourselves into knots trying to be what we think others want or expect. However, in order to really be happy, you need to be true to yourself. That means doing what you wish (within the limits of the law, of course) without worrying about what others think. It might take some getting used to, but you will be surprised at the positive difference.

Treat Others Respectfully

It can be tempting to look down upon people who don’t really measure up in your eyes, but avoid this habit. Everyone has value, so be patient with those individuals whom you might consider tiresome. There are ways to deal with them that don’t come across as dismissive or condescending. Confident people don’t need to tread on others to feel better about themselves.

Become the Best You Can Be

Don’t settle for second best: push yourself to do the best job possible. This does not only apply to work, but also to your physical health, hobbies, and friendships. Succeeding at life cannot help but make you feel more positive about yourself and your future, so put in the time.