5 Reasons You Need a Personal Support Worker

There may come a time in your life when you, or someone you know is not able to adequately care for themselves. It may be a time when you are recovering from an injury, required surgery, or looking out for the needs of your loved ones.

These are the times when you will want to reach out to see what healthcare services are available to you.

Your Senior Years

You have always been strong and independent and strived to live well in your own home as long as you are able. But as you reach your senior years you are becoming more forgetful, your strength is declining, and you’re not able to care for yourself or your home as you’d like. Plus, you don’t want to be dependent on your family and friends.

Aging Parents

The demands of insuring the health and happiness of aging parents can become very stressful and overwhelming. You realize one day that your role has changed from son or daughter, to caretaker, nurse, handyman and perhaps financial officer. Not only is their daily physical care a concern, there are meals, medication and emotional needs to worry about.

Caring for your aging parents can become challenging, especially when you have a family and a job of your own to consider.

Personal Injury

An accident or medical condition may leave you or a loved one disabled and in need of care. It may be temporary or even permanent. The simplest daily routines can become difficult or impossible to perform.

Health Conditions

Health problems in the elderly can build and go from manageable to more challenging from one day to the next. The progression of dementia, heart conditions and strokes, diabetes, arthritis and cancer require specialized care and attention.

Children with Needs

Some children are born with severe developmental issues and require extensive and sometimes complex care. Parents can become quickly stressed and drained of energy and resources to care for them in their homes.

If you find yourself in any of these situations you will be looking for a personal support worker.

What is a Personal Support Worker?

A personal support worker (PSW) can help with all of these care situations by providing the essentials of daily life. From bathing, dressing, toileting, to administering medications, and more complex medical tasks. They play a valuable role in our healthcare system, providing care to the ones who need it most.

Personal support workers work in nursing homes, in the community, home-care agencies, privately for families and in acute-care hospitals. They are often in the frontline caring for those most at risk in our society.

A personal support worker can:

  • Assist with all aspects of daily living such as dressing, bathing, toileting, mobility
  • Run errands and transportation to outings and appointments
  • Assist with homemaking such as meal preparation, and housecleaning
  • Provide emotional support and companionship
  • Provide specialized care from accidents, palliative, etc.