Feeling Out of Sorts? This Might Be Why

Are you the type of person who usually has plenty of energy, but are now finding yourself lacking the typical quota of drive? If you find this is more and more the norm for you, something is likely wrong. The following list of possibilities might prove useful for you:


Do you usually enjoy a regular amount of physical activity? If so, has that changed recently? Try to get back to your old schedule because exercise produces endorphins that make you feel better and give you energy.


Humans require eight hours of sleep per night in order to recharge our mind and body. If you are getting less than that, you are facing the world with less physical and mental energy then you likely need. If you are having an especially hard day, you can run out of gas more quickly and thus feel tired.

Make changes in your schedule and lifestyle to ensure that you get the proper amount of rest each evening. This may be inconvenient, but you will certainly appreciate it the next day at work.


There is no subtle way to put it: being overweight is bad for you. Leaving aside all the health issues that extra weight can cause, the simple fact is you are caring more around with you. That means you need extra energy to do virtually everything. Losing weight means less to carry around and all of that exercise you will be doing gives you additional spark.


There is an old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a lot of truth in that. You need the proper fuel injection first thing to provide you with the energy you need to perform at your best for the required period of time.


Have you ever felt depressed? Chances are, you did not feel like doing much of anything. That is normal with depression as it tends to leave people with low energy levels. If this continues, think about seeing a therapist.