How to Conduct a Successful Client Meeting

Client meetings are a part of most every business. In spite of this, not everyone involved is good at conducting them. There is a certain amount of preparation and a way of progressing with the meeting that will help for it to go as smoothly as possible, which is essential when delivering results and generating client confidence.

Here are a few tips that will help your next business meeting be a smashing success:


It is vital to prepare thoroughly for any meeting. Make sure that you know the names of everyone you will be speaking with, their titles, their responsibilities, and how they will relate to the business your company will be doing with them. Make a list of all the topics that will be covered in the meeting; it is even better to prepare and share a thorough agenda in advance with everyone taking part.


Be sure to start the meeting right at the scheduled time. If your agenda lays out a certain amount of time for each subject area, do your best to stay on schedule throughout the meeting. Also, keep an eye on your overall time so that you do not go over. Make sure that everyone who needs to speak is given enough time to clearly get their information across and answer any questions.


Take thorough notes during the call so that no important information is forgotten. Better yet, with the permission of everyone involved, record the meeting and then share that audio file with everyone who participated and anyone who had planned to be there but was unavailable.


Take immediate action on any items discussed that have set deadlines or are otherwise important. If a follow-up meeting is required, arrange a time that is convenient for everyone and add it to the company schedule.