Keep Your Hockey Fix Going During the Summer With Hockey Movies

Yes, it’s July, and it’s hot and humid as all get out. The last thing most people are thinking about right now is winter sports. But what if hockey is your love and you just gotta have it all year round? Well, you can re-watch all of the games from last season that filled up your PVR or you can enjoy some hockey movies. There are not nearly as many hockey flicks as those centered around baseball, but here are three important ones readily available on disc and streaming.

FACE-OFF (1971)
Not to be confused with the John Travolta/Nicolas Cage actioner, this is an early Canadian drama about a hotshot (Art Hindle) on the Toronto Maple Leafs and the troubled relationship he has with a young hippie girl whose values are a world away from his. FACE-OFF isn’t very good, but it’s a must-see time capsule if you love the Leafs, as many of their best players from the time can be seen during the game sequences.

SLAP SHOT (1977)
Considered the height of vulgarity 40 years ago, this rollicking comedy is pretty tame by modern standards, but still very funny. Paul Newman plays the captain of a failing small town hockey team who encourages his players to be violent on the ice in order to boost ticket sales. Things soon get very out of hand. Spawned two direct-to-video sequels, neither of which are worth watching.

Another hockey movie that spawned a franchise, this Disney production stars Emilio Estevez as a lawyer who is forced to do community service after a drunk driving incident. In this case, that means coaching the worst pee wee league hockey team in the area. Essentially THE BAD NEWS BEARS on ice, this follows a familiar formula, but was a crowd pleaser and its PG antics make THE MIGHTY DUCKS a much more family-friendly choice than SLAP SHOT.

Paul Newman in SLAP SHOT. Courtesy Universal.