Stuck on What to Buy? Here is Your Christmas Suggestion List!

Another Black Friday is done and behind us. How did you make out? Is your Christmas shopping done? Chances are you probably didn’t manage to get everything you needed for the holiday season. One big problem with that is time: there are now less than four weeks until December 25th and time tends to fly this time of year.

If you find yourself with a ticking clock and many items still to go on your list, the following suggestions can make a big difference.


Most people have hobbies or other interests they are passionate about; what does your recipient like to do in their spare time? Unless you know that person well, this can be a little tricky because it’s difficult to tell exactly what they already have and what they might need. You can always ask their friends, partner, or relative, or buy a gift card. People feel that the latter choice shows a lack of care, but you are actually ensuring that they get exactly what they desire, so don’t cross this option off the list.

Get Creative

Has your subject ever expressed regret about not trying something? Maybe it was a question of cost or opportunity? If it is within your price range, book, rent, or buy this for them. They may not like it when all is said and done, but you are allowing them to try at no cost.

Think About Past Purchases

If you have bought for this person before, which gifts did they especially like? There is nothing wrong with the old saying, “if something works, stick with it.” You don’t have to give the exact same gift again, but think of something similar. Don’t worry—you are not being inconsiderate. Think of it as just another case of giving the people what they want!