Tips for Sleeping in Hot Weather

It’s all about the air flow.

Summer heat keeping you up at night? Here are a few tricks for making your room feel cool and comfortable on those muggy summer evenings.

Ensure Good Air Flow

If you’re having trouble falling asleep in the heat, lack of air flow is likely a factor. Fans and air conditioning won’t do much good if the room (or your bed) restricts the flow of cool air. Try placing a fan across from an open window to create a cross-breeze in the room. You can boost the amount of cool air in the room by hanging a cool, damp towel in front of the window, and placing a pan of ice in front of the fan.

Choose Breathable Materials

Choose sheets and clothing made from a light, breathable material like cotton. This helps promote ventilation and ensure the cool air can reach your body while you sleep. You may be tempted to sleep nude, but wearing loose, soft pajamas will actually help to wick moisture from your body.

Sleep Close to the Ground

Heat rises, so it helps to sleep as close to the ground as possible. On those particularly stuffy nights, you may opt for a college throwback and stick your mattress on the floor.

Forget Lotions and Moisturizers

Many popular body lotion products, especially those made from petroleum, can trap heat in your body. Avoid using these products before bed. Though they may feel refreshing at first, you’ll regret it once you wake up feeling sweaty and sticky.

Get a Cooling Pillow

Tired of flipping the pillow over to sleep on the cold side? Consider buying a cooling pillow. There are dozens of these products on the market, but Dr. Christopher Winter of the Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center recommends a bamboo pillow with a shredded latex filling. Be sure to read the reviews before you decide which one is right for you.

Take a Cool Shower

You’re likely to fall asleep faster if you can cool your internal temperature before you hit the bed. Showers can also help you relax and unwind, setting the stage for a peaceful sleep.